Catch Up

We have a lot to catch you up on.  Here are some noteworthy milestones and just some of our favorites of the Squeaker birth-7 months.

Just born.  (Aug 30, 2009)IMG_1067.JPGFirst moment with daddy.  She’s already sizing him up.

First time seeing grandma and grandpa.


Love this action shot.  Those feet were moving fast.
IMG_1087.JPG“I am not pleased with this.”
IMG_1084.JPGSunbathing under heat lamps.
First bath. (Sept 4, 2009)  I promise those knives are securely magnet-ed to the wall.IMG_1141.JPGFirst Notre Dame game watch (Sept 5 ’09)IMG_1758.JPGFirst Mass – Fr. Nowak was kind enough to do a home Mass for us. (9.5.09)
IMG_1154.JPGUT game watch later in day.  She’s our little oompa loompa.
IMG_1162.JPGThis is O smiling in her sleep when grandpa was holding her. (9.7.09)
IMG_1178.JPGI love this picture but it was miserable at the time. (9.10.09)
IMG_1190.JPGOne of my favs. (9.13.09)
IMG_1212-1.JPGFirst walk outside.  It was only a lap around the complex but still a milestone. (9.18.09)IMG_0102.JPGThe fam at O’s baptism with Fr. Ed Koharchik (10.10.09)
IMG_0248.JPGThe Padrinos.
IMG_1359.JPGThis is what she did the whole time.  Her baptismal garment and bonnet and booties were made by Sister Stephanie.
IMG_1341.JPGLove it.  Decorating the Christmas tree at grandparents’ house. (12.5.09)
IMG_0463.JPGOur Christmas tree here at home.  We were quite proud.  Kraft walked it home all the way from the tree lot. (11.29.09)
IMG_1458.JPGO’s first wedding, our friends Nate and Amelia. (12.12.09)
IMG_1485.JPGWhen O started being able to get out of her swaddle.  (12.19.09)
IMG_1509.JPGFirst Christmas.  Midnight Mass.  (12.25.09)
IMG_1510.JPGHow these two rang in the New Year. (1.1.10)
IMG_1544.JPGO helping me with laundry. (1.5.10)
IMG_1554.JPGHer bear suit.  Don’t be fooled, she hated it. (1.8.10)
IMG_1571.JPGAfter first haircut.  I totally butchered her hair. (1.19.10)
IMG_1578.JPGWatching Sunday Night Football with Daddy. (1.24.10)
IMG_1602.JPGSuperOlivia watching me cook. (1.27.10)
IMG_1610.JPGSolid food.  She loves carrots. (1.31.10)
IMG_1614.JPGFirst Mardi Gras, woohoo!  Check out those pants. (2.16.10)

IMG_1669.JPGKraft becomes a 4th degree Knight of Columbus. First professional family photo. (3.21.10)
img010.jpgOk, that should pretty well catch you up.  Welcome to our little family.



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