And We’re Back…

We’ve been pretty absent from blogging on this site.  But today my mom took a picture that has inspired me to start keeping this more up to date.

Olivia (the Squeaker) is a little over 7 1/2 months and, man, is she getting feisty.  Her newest tricks are to spit and scream.  The spitting was funny at first especially when you ask her for a besito (kiss) and instead she spits in your face.  Where it becomes not funny is when random strangers are admiring her and she decides to spit at them.  Just like the man that is sitting behind her in the picture.  He got spit on a couple times.  It is also not funny when I am feeding her and a spoonful of lentils is sent flying back at me.  Other than these occasions, though, it’s pretty entertaining.

The screaming is mostly when we are eating in restaurants and we are not feeding her.  My mom just emailed me this picture and titled it: I want food NOW!  which I think is fitting.

“I want food NOW!!!”

Stay tuned.  I’ll be putting a lot more of the family news on here.

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