First Semester Done!

I was completely remiss in not including this in the earlier post. Last week also marked O’s first completed semester of school!

On Thursday, they were able to throw out the uniform to wear PJs, had a pizza day for lunch, and watched the Polar Express as a school.

In a topic to be discussed at length on the Daddyblog in due time, food is an issue at the school a lot. A lot. Every classmates’ birthday includes cupcakes or something. Every competition in the school is topped off with a pizza or ice cream party. It’s crazy period, not to mention when your child is allergic to dairy, eggs, and anything else ever thought to be included in a food prize. Olivia has not had as much junk in her life until she started school.

::breathe:: I’ll save the rant for the Daddyblog.

Anyhow, since she couldn’t eat the pizza that was being provided, I swung by Austin’s Pizza to pick up one for us to split.

My name is "Togo Guy".
My name is “Togo Guy”.

It was my first time to eat lunch at school with one of the kiddos, so sat on the old elementary school lunch tables… you know, the ones with the connected circle seats with a table that folds up for easy moving, surrounded by 5 and 6 year olds discussing the philosophical aspects of the Polar Express and how it impacted the societal mores of that era.

Nom nom nom.
Nom nom nom.

It is fun to see Olivia navigate the still-present desire for Dad while trying to be cool with the kids at school. Only 25 more semesters to go before high school graduation.

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