Graduation, Tree, and Twins

First, my nephew Zach graduated from UNT over the weekend. We couldn’t make it, but the university provided a livestream. Congrats!

The day the twins were born, we were planning on getting down the Advent and Christmas decorations and starting that. Obviously, that was delayed a bit until yesterday and today.

The twins are still being twins. Dorothy’s bilirubin is still on the high end, but doc just wants to keep it monitored for now. They’re mostly still on a stable schedule, which is bringing down the family’s sleeping average down quite a bit. Still in premie diapers and we learned that “premie” sized clothes vary in an incredible amount. From outfits that are just about to be too small to ones that they are absolutely swimming within, there seems to be no standard, even within the same brand, for what this size represents.

That said, time for another feeding round!

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