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You’d think bringing the 3rd and 4th little sister home, we would have it figured out on how to balance the older siblings with the new arrivals. We’re still working on it, apparently. Everyone has been home for going on 48 hours now.

Yesterday, V and I both blanked and sent O to school without her gym/dance bag leading to a call from the school because O was nervous and anxious about whether she was supposed to go to dance or wait for someone to pick her up. Not only that, it took us forever to get out of the door, so O earned her first tardy of her academic career.

Today, everyone was on time, but partly thanks to Grandma randomly showing up at 7 am :-). It takes a village.

The twins had their first post-NICU check-up with, you guessed it, the pedi concerned about Dorothy’s yellowish tone. We’re awaiting a phone call from the clinic’s lab. [Update: Her levels are right at the upper-limit, so have to take her in for a new draw tomorrow morning.] Ana’s second round of phototherapy in the NICU really knocked the bilirubin count out, so somewhat wished they matched orders for Dorothy to knock them down on her, even if they were just within the normal bounds.

We’re getting closer to a sustainable schedule for the next couple of weeks—the length of time the docs want us to continue the regular feedings every three hours, so we’re not completely zombies.

Lastly, bath day! Third bath and first ones at home.

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