Specialist Parade

Hopefully this will be a silly post in the end. The twins are now 10 months old—incredible how time has flown by. All in all, things have been pretty good.

They’re up to 16 or so pounds now. Still tiny and barely on the growth chart, but the lines are still headed up and to the right so they’re on par for their little fifth-percentile niche. Except for their head size. True to the Kraft family tradition, they have big heads.

Which apparently is a bad thing sometimes too.

Ana’s head size, relative to the rest of her and her growth, concerned the doctor so she had a cranial ultrasound the next day. Vanessa, because of our lovely twins, have had a lot of ultrasound imagery performed by techs that passed along images to the doctor for review. She knows the drill. The techs always say things like “We’re not supposed to say things like this, but everything looks great.”

For Ana’s appointment, the strict “The doctor reviews the images and will let your doctor know.” Then followed by the dreaded “I need to check with the radiologist to make sure I took all the images he needs.” which translates to “something isn’t normal”.

Long story made short, Ana’s doctor called us into the office today to tell us that she has excess fluid around her brain. The radiologist and him believe it to be benign and that it’ll self-resolve within a year or so, but he wants us to see a neurosurgeon for a second opinion.

Both girls are still missing some development milestones, so our next PT/OT evaluation is later this week.

We started this week with zero specialists. I’d really like to end this week the same.

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