Quick Trip

Back at the house. Just a quick visit. RSV has a typical course where it peaks at 3-4 days, then hangs out for awhile afterwards. With premies, the schedule can be extended some and the team thinks we probably endured the majority of the spike at home. Trust me, we have the lack of sleep to prove that 🙂

They kept their vitals up off of oxygen, were low maintenance throughout the day, and we felt good about continuing supportive care at home. RSV in a little one is one of those things if you read too much on WebMD about it, you’d want to stay in the hospital until they seem perfect, or at least buy a few monitors and install a wall suction unit.

Thanks for all of the love and support. It means a lot to us.

For today’s pictures, once they were off oxygen and proved they could keep their vitals up, they let them unofficially move in together. It’s cute to see them squirm to get closer to each other, then fall asleep cuddled together. The bonus picture is of the view from Dorothy’s room, complete with the Tower. Different hospitals but we always seem to get rooms with a view of campus.

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