Day 7: The Day of Setbacks

Today was a hard day.

The day started with the girls having another bath and their bedding changed. The purple and pink blanket trick to tell them apart is no more.

Ana was sleeping with her arm over her face reminding me a picture we took of Olivia around the same age that is extremely slow to find on the hospital wireless.

During rounds, the neonatologist prepped us concerning Dorothy. While Ana had been eating up to her allowed amount and started ever-so-slightly gaining weight, Dorothy hadn’t been eating up nor stopped her initial weight loss. If she didn’t make some gains in the next 24 hours, they would add a feeding tube to send milk straight to her stomach.

Ugh. Damn it.

Alright, that’s fine. If it helps her bulk up and turn the corner, sure thing.

Later in the day, V and I took off for a couple of hours to swap out dirty clothes for clean ones and take a shower. After a frustrating experience between insurance and a vendor trying to get a quality breast pump that could support our needs when, in a first, the insurance company telling me they covered something when the vendor said insurance wouldn’t. I should defer all insurance conversations until after we’re out of NICU.

We head back to the hospital to find…

What? They were cleared from bilirubin checks? Labs weren’t being sent off anymore. It had only been a couple of hours since we left without jaundice being on the table to phototherapy?

Their nurse noticed their coloration was deteriorating and requested the neonatologist confirm and request labs. Sure enough, their bilirubin levels were high enough to merit intervention, including VISOR-style stickies.

The day ranged from the doctor suggesting we wouldn’t be here when he returned on Monday to our nurse telling us we’ll see him next Thursday when he’s next on duty.

We’re emotionally drained after today.

13 thoughts on “Day 7: The Day of Setbacks

  1. My son was in the NICU for over three weeks and every moment like this was such an incredible emotional drain. Realizing that with patience and persistsance he would come home to us, was what kept us going. I’m sending all the good thoughts your way, man. Breathe deep.

  2. Prayers are with all of you. Hang in there. When Michael was born, his bilirubin was extremely high. He had a blood transfusion at 4 days old. Praying for nothing but good news from here on.

  3. My twin girls spent 6 weeks and 1 day at Seton NICU. They came 9 weeks early and weighed 4.1 and 4.3. 13 years later and you’d never know! Healthy and happy. Hang in there. The NICU can be such an emotional rollercoaster. One day at a time. Soon enough you all will be back home and WISHING you had one of those fabulous NICU nurses around for help! 🙂

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