Twins and Ice Cream

From Vanessa’s Facebook wall:

Our pediatrician recommended that we introduce any food that Olivia is allergic to, to the twins before they turn one. There is new research that says early exposure (like before 8 mons) leads to lower rate of food allergies in kids. Anyway, milk and eggs have been easy to give them but nuts have been tough. Today was one of those sneak-ice-cream-before-dinner kind of mom days. The twins had crawled into the kitchen and were judging me as I furtively ate some Butter Pecan. Then I thought, hey, nuts and milk! So the twins ate ice cream for the first time today. They cried when I put it away. And, thus, they are for sure my children.

Paternal Leave

I’m beginning my second (and final) week of paid paternal leave. I know how incredibly lucky I am to work for an organization that gives paid paternal leave, in addition to the normal sick/vacation time. Yes, I work for the Church, but after only one week with Olivia, I think this is an example that should be extended to the broader corporate world.

I’ve still been, somewhat, checking e-mail and interfacing with the workplace to put out fires and check on random things; however, being able to focus exclusively on Vanessa and Olivia in this time of drastic change within our family has been a true blessing. I could not imagine having such a random sleep schedule and still clocking 8+ hours at work each day.

Olivia is learning how to sleep without being held. At this point, we have to lay her down, cuddle with her while lying down, then pull away once she’s comfortable. A few nights ago, she would wake up as soon as we moved, no matter how long we waited. I don’t know if this is the right way to walk her along the path of slumber independence, but I’m optimistic with the progress.

Also, we switched to cloth diapers yesterday. Our original intention was to use cloth all the way, but with the first week and trying to figure out everything else, we were more than happy to use the diapers given to us as gifts throughout the past few months, plus the store in town that we’ve been purchasing supplies from had not carried a few things (i.e. covers) that we were wanting to use. I went down yesterday and picked up an inferior model, but it’ll work until the next shipment arrives.

We don’t really have any hardcore reasons for cloth diapers. The financial savings (overall) will be nice. The idea of limiting Olivia’s exposure to plastics is nice, but not a dealbraker. We live the environmental impact of not adding too much to the landfill, etc. We’ll still have disposables on hand–mainly for some excusions out of the home and if she’s visiting grandparents, etc.

As always, more later.